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As the fight takes place in a relatively small room, you have to watch out, especially if your character prefers attacks from a distance. "So walk away! Let poor Cicero live! Tell Astrid you did the job: Stabbed, strangled, drowned poor Cicero! A tiny white lie for a dark assassin." "So, Cicero brought our lady to her new home. Here.

Skyrim kill cicero or let him live

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If you kill him, be [slight spoilers] prepared for a Cicero is a fascinating character in Skyrim and a fan favorite because of his unique and eccentric personality. He has a jester persona and his main occupation is that of an assassin. He is known throughout the Dark Brotherhood as being insane and some of … Cicero is regailed as the Keeper of the Night Mother. Spare him. But despite that; even the thieves guild has rules. User Info: Jonny2284.

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If you are going for the achievement that requires all Daedric artifacts, then yes, you should kill him. This will let you keep the staff from that quest. Otherwise I usually let him live; I like having Joshua Graham follow me around Skyrim.

Skyrim kill cicero or let him live

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Skyrim kill cicero or let him live

If you do that, the spectral assassin tells you essentially that Sithis does not want you to kill Cicero so I spared him. While most players may want to kill Cicero in Skyrim due to his unstable nature, it's possible he is the only devoted Dark Brotherhood member. Cicero is a prominent character in Skyrim 's Dark I let him live, because he is cool, a powerful follower,the keeper, and funny.He tricked me by saying it would kill me,its hard to trick me, so he did something close to the impossible.

*(Possible Spoiler)*? just a little question to figure out who chose whether to let Cicero live, or to Kill him in the Dark Brotherhood quest line.
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Skyrim kill cicero or let him live

Kill the clown.” While playing my Oblivion character well, her defining trait is undying loyalty to a few people. 200 years don’t do anything to shake it. As soon as her former boss tells her to spare Cicero, the Keeper’s life is safe. It’s not even a dilemma.

Elder Scrolls Lore Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Cicero Skyrim Tint Man Skyrim Fanart I read somewhere that letting Cicero live is more beneficial than killing him. Could be because if you have him killed the family on the farm will be murdered. In the Dawnstar Sanctuary, you have the choice to either kill him or let him live.
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If I let him live then I had to kill many innocents. If I killed him, then he was the only casualty. PsijicThief · 10/10/2013.

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Kind of a liability. Other times I let him live. Mostly kill him though. His voice annoys me. I also like his armor bonuses better than the Dark Brotherhood armor. Of course, of course!